Friday, June 21, 2013

Glamma's African Safari

Believe it or not this is a baby leopard.....Eight month old Max (my name for him, not the one his mother probably uses) found me sitting and quivering in a Land Rover during a game drive at the Londolozi Camp  in South Africa.   Our tracker, Silas and ranger, Byron had driven through dense brush to the edge of a river bed and skidded just short of going over....determined to give their captives (that would be me and four fellow passengers) a real thrill.  When I pulled my head back up from the seat and looked around I saw this tasty treat right beside the Rover.....right beside where I was sitting.
Unfortunately so did Max!

Our adventure which, believe it or not, is something I fully intend to recreate  in a few years with the Glambabies can be followed in this book I created.

Click here to view this photo book larger
Shutterfly photo books offer a wide range of artful designs and embellishments to choose from.

When I got home and shared this story with Lauren I got a true...."ARE YOU CRAZY" scolding.   Loved it!!!   She said...She said indeed!

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