Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Did I say that or was it you?

Happily into the fourth year of being a GlamMa and of my daughter being a Mom, it became joyously and painfully clear to both of us that our conversations have changed.   In the first blush of Meg's birth she and I mostly discussed....the baby.   No surprise there.  Not a gurgle or a goo went by without Lauren texting, emailing or skyping me to celebrate the little one's latest accomplishments.  I am embarrassed to think how many times we discussed the quality of Meg's poop.   Thinking back, I want to gag and then giggle.  There must be a happy hormone released in the body of a newbie grandmother.  Although I am concerned if Julia (my glambaby #2) has a problem in the diaper filling area, I am much less interested in hearing or seeing and especially smelling the results.   Ewwwwww.   But I wouldn't say that to Lauren.

So, here is the conversation now

Lauren:  Mom, did I tell you that Julia hasn't had a poop in two days?

Me:  Hmmm prunes are good.  I love that picture of her in the pink tu - tu.

It's not that I am uncaring and I know my seemingly disinterested conversation grates on my daughter but I am now more acutely aware of how my words and actions affect our relationship as mother and daughter.
I would have to be crazy to mess with this wonderful gift of a daughter.